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Scoring - a reminder

The management committee, at their last meeting, considered an issue raised about the lack of scorers at some matches and, more particularly, in the absence of a non-playing scorer, the failure of a club to provide a team member to keep the scorebook when that team is batting. Rule 32 requires each club to provide a scorer. We recognise that many clubs do not have, or do not regularly have, a non-playing scorer.  However, it is important that an accurate scorebook is kept, and that it is checked and agreed by both captains, or their deputies, at the end of each innings, with all details, including the names of catchers etc, duly entered. During the game, it should be the responsibility of the fielding captain to ensure that the scorers are informed of each bowling change and the name of the new bowler, and for the umpires to ensure that this has been acknowledged by the scorers before allowing the game to continue.