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Overseas cricketers playing in the NECL

The League's Management Committee (MC), at its meeting on 17th August 2017, considered the implications for the North Essex Cricket League of the reserved judgment of the Two Counties Cricket Championship Appeal Tribunal, dated 8th August 2017, dismissing the appeal by Frinton-on-Sea CC and Blake Reed against the decision of the TCCC Management Sub-Committee (MSC) on 3rd July 2017 to penalise Frinton 36 points for fielding an ineligible player (Blake Reed) in a TCCC Division One match against Maldon CC on 1st July 2017.

The position of the NECL management committee, as agreed on 17th August 2017 and set out in the minutes of the meeting, is as follows:

“Following a lengthy discussion it was therefore decided that, while we note decision of the TC Appeals Tribunal as it applies to the TCCC, unlike them we have no rules relating to this matter. As a result, it was decided that as a league we will not be taking any action, unless or until there is any definitive ruling from the Home Office or a court of law. It is a matter for Frinton whether they continue to select Blake Reed for NECL games for the rest of the season.”

The full statement is set out in the attached pdf.

Clubs are reminded, however, of the terms of league rule 31, namely that "No player shall receive any payment or inducement (including any benefit in kind) from any source for playing in the NECL" and that "Any club infringing this rule may be expelled from the League."