North Essex Cricket League

July 2018 Umpire Appointments

Please find below the neutral umpire appointments for July. Note that some matches have not been appointed due to no umpires being available - this may change with any concessions and clubs will be notified. 

Division One    
July 1st    
Clacton v. Mistley Clive Vickery Colin Day
Copdock & OI v. Galleywood John Boyles Shaun Whitfield
July 8th    
Clacton v. Galleywood Peter Pushman Gus Honeybun
Mistley v. Copdock & OI Clive Vickery Adrian Osborne
July 22nd    
Mistley v. Clacton Colin Day John Boyles
July 29th    
Colchester & E.E. v. Copdock & OI Clive Vickery Clive Binding
Mistley v. Wivenhoe Gus Honeybun Shaun Whitfield
Division Two    
July 1st    
Braintree v. Great Totham Dave Root Robin Drury
Eight Ash Green v. Springfield Ian Davis John Riley
Halstead v. Witham Ray Digweed Gus Honeybun
July 8th    
Abberton v. Eight Ash Green No umpires available  
Chappel & WC v. Braintree Shaun Whitfield Ben Brown
Great Totham v. Witham Kevin Walker Clive Binding
July 15th    
Braintree v. Abberton Clive Vickery Ray Digweed
Chappel & WC v. Witham John Riley Adrian Osborne
Springfield v. Great Totham Colin Day Ben Brown
July 18th    
Springfield v. Witham No umpires available  
July 22nd    
Braintree v. Eight Ash Green Clive Vickery John Riley
Chappel & WC v. Abberton Winston Browne Ray Digweed
Great Totham v. Halstead Peter Lodge Ian Davis
July 29th    
Abberton v. Great Totham Ray Digweed Winston Browne
Halstead v. Chappel & WC John Riley Adrian Osborne
Springfield v. Eight Ash Green No umpires available  
Witham v. Braintree Colin Day Ben Brown
T20 - West    
July 1st    
Little Bardfield Village v. Kelvedon No umpires available  
July 15th    
Galleywood v. Little Bardfield Village No umpires available  
T20 - East    
July 5th    
Mistley v. Colchester & E.E Gus Honeybun  
July 12th    
Ipswich v. Wivenhoe Gus Honeybun  
July 19th    
Wivenhoe v. Mistley Gus Honeybun  
July 26th    
Ipswich v. Mistley Gus Honeybun  
* Umpires may come available with concessions    

A Basic Guide to Umpiring for Players

Dave Root kindly reminds clubs that the umpires must be paid on the day.

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